American Muffler Shop offers custom Dual Exhaust Kits for purchase online. Visit our Online Catalog to see some of our quality products.

Chrome Tips Goerlich Chrome Tips offer:

  • Extensive coverage

  • Most popular styles and sizes

  • Heavy layer chrome plating

  • High luster finish

  • Stainless steel designs

  • Creates custom exhaust look

  • Used on performance applications


We can custom build exhaust systems for any kind of vehicle. All of our stock replacement mufflers come with a lifetime warranty., if one ever goes bad, bring back your receipt and get it replaced for a $20.00 labor charge. Our exhaust and tail pipes have a 2 year warranty. We use 14 gauge tubing that is aluminized for longer life and prevents rust buildup which damages pipes and takes away their appearance. Our standard dual exhaust kits include Goerlich's Exhaust Systems Big Max Mufflers. They provide excellent performance sound and reduced engine backpressure along with large inner tubes that allow straight-through power. Components are aluminized for superior corrosion protection, and are perfect for custom and dual installations.

We offer several upgrades to our standard dual exhaust kits:

Flowmaster Mufflers are unique in that its performance improvement is paired with unique exhaust tones. The "Flowmaster Sound" is offered in many different tones depending upon the muffler series. From the deep, aggressive tone of the 40 Series to a quiet and subtle, but unmistakably rich Flowmaster tone of the 70 Series, you will find the right application of performance and exhaust sound you want.

MagnaFlow® Mufflers offer a one piece perforated stainless steel core that lets exhaust gasses fly right through. Nothing gets in the way to slow them down. The straight-through design improves exhaust flow to increase torque and horsepower. The core is wrapped with stainless steel mesh that creates a porous barrier that allows sound vibrations to pass freely into the acoustical absorbing material inside yet prevents blowout and deterioration of the material. Packed between the steel mesh and the steel shell is a dense wall of fiber that filters out the harsh exhaust vibrations producing a rich, powerful, performance tone.

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